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We are delighted to share this distinct project from Adam Stacks with you. LAF 2011, an acronym for "Lost and Found 2011", is a collection of tracks from 2011, which Adam discovered earlier this year on an old hard drive. On this hard drive, he was not able to find the completed original tracks, but rather their bounced counterpart. Immediately, Adam Stacks went to the studio, made a few rearrangements and pieced together these bounced files to create LAF 2011. The final result? A well-executed EP and a familiar soundscape for all the earlier Adam Stacks fans to enjoy. To make a long story short, LAF 2011 is Adam's raw material from back in the day, and they are still up to par with the contemporary sounds of today. Making LAF 2011 a display of Stacks' timeless sound!

01.Adam Stacks - Groove Paradise

02.Adam Stacks - Schlechter Empfang

03.Adam Stacks - Toy Boy

04.Adam Stacks - UFO



Premiere of 'Schlechter Empfang'


Like That Underground

Premiere of 'Groove Paradise'


8Day Montreal

Premiere of 'Toy Boy'



Many thanks!Good selection!



Toy Boy is nice.


Sasch BBC

All tracks are really nice! my fav is toyboy, very nice flow.


Javier Orduna

Woooowww, this old tracks from my buddy Adam are pure DOPE!! LOVE IT!!



Lovely ep


Paco Osuna

Will try.


Hardy Heller

Nice ep...defeinetly will play one or the other track of it.