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We are exited to welcome the lovely Musta, another great artist from Italy. His sound varies in the range of carefully crafted house music with African percussive rhythms full of variety and color. Musta loves to spend time in his studio recording percussive instruments, guitars and vocals or just listening to his vast record collection from the 70s and 80s. He loves to combine traditional Italian songs with African ceremonial music, Asian classics and rural folk songs. These manifold influences definitely show in every single one of his productions. So now it’s up to you if you’re ready for this melodic, groovy and carefully crafted house music.



►Apple Music:




Like That Underground

Premiere of 'Don't You'.


Electronic Groove

Premiere of 'Eastin'.


Loose Lips

Premiere of 'Cara Feia'.



Schöne EP! Die nehm ich mit ins Bett <3


Sam Divine

Cool EP.


Collective Machine

Eastin is my fav! Play for sure!


Daniel Mehlhart

Amazing One.


Hannah Wants

Don't You is sick!


Vanilla Ace

Different vibes for sure.


David Jackson

Loving the ideas here, super complex! Wicked.


Stefano Ritteri

Gabriel is on fire!