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It's time for some groovy, heavy and bass-driven music for the dancefloor again. This time we are happy to welcome the young producer duo JXH with their release 'Floorfiller'. With 'Dude' and 'Floorfiller' they deliver two tracks you would like to dance to till the sun comes up. So let's get this party started.



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01.JXH - Dude

02.JXH - Floorfiller


Rich Pinder

Floorfiller for me guys.


David Jackson

'Dude' will go down well on the dancefloor.


Electronic Groove

Premiere of 'Floorfiller'



Hate the usual cheapo FX show-off modern tooltracks boast, but floorfiller has style,humour and functionality. will play loud!


Sam Divine

Good vibes.


Dole & Kom

Schicki, schicki.


Hector Couto

Nice ep. Support!



Nice EP.


Gordon Hollenga (The Disco Boys)

Sounds good to me and to my people too.


Riva Starr

Liking the tracks.



Really cool stuff. Thank you.


Israel Vich

Good stuff thanks.



Nice will play!