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With their debut EP 'Aphrodite', CENTVRIES showed their vision of electronic music to the world: A mixture between techno and indie electronica which has a dark, mysterious and emotional vibe. Before presenting you the latest unique music by CENTVRIES, we would like to introduce 'Aphrodite – The Remixes' with three remixes by Adam Stacks, GEISTHA and Rewach. Each of them varies in terms of style, however, they all have one thing in common: They are made with love and passion. Our label head Adam Stacks himself switched up the original vibe and presents a housy track with a feel-good-vibe for the upcoming open air season. GEISTHA picked up the original vibe of the track and added a nice and heavy club-oriented atmosphere. Last but not least on the list is Rewach, who is already known from his B&B release 'Asora'. He represents a minimalistic, groovy and unique style which you should definitely give a listen to.





01.CENTVRIES - Aphrodite (Adam Stacks Chordination Remix)

02.CENTVRIES - Aphrodite (GEISTHA Remix))

03.CENTVRIES - Aphrodite (Rewach Remix)


Javier Orduña

Top release. All remixes are bombs!


Chris Fortier

Sounds good.


Sasch BBC

Super nice!


Patrick Podage

Geistha Remix for me.


Sam Divine

Cool remixes.



Cool sound.



Cool release.


Julian Wassermann

Geistha remix is catchy!


The Dolphins

Geistha Remix is an incredibile track.


Christian Nielsen



Riva Starr

Nice tracks!



Nice one.


Marc Poppcke

Cool remixes. Full Support


pure fm

Geistha Remix!



Lovely remix by Geistha.


Daniel Mehlhart

Adam Stacks did the best remix of this pack!



Fett !!